What is the fear of being alone, the fear of loneliness?

Being alone can sometimes have a positive effect, but for some people, it can be intolerable. It is often seen in people suffering from loneliness phobia. Today, let's look at loneliness phobia and its symptoms.

fear of loneliness

Fear of loneliness is a fairly common mental disorder in modern societyThis phobia occurs in people with high levels of anxiety about being alone. Some people enjoy solitude, while others try to avoid it.

Some people love moments of peace and self-reflection, and some feel uncomfortable with others, but others do not. Solitude can also feel like a punishment for those who are afraid of being alone.

So what do you want to do on your off days? Is a day of an opportunity to take a break and soothe yourself, or do you start a panic and start looking for friends?

What is loneliness phobia?

The term loneliness phobia means “fear of oneself”, which means feeling fear of being alone, not fearing of one's existence. In other words, people suffering from loneliness cannot tolerate loneliness.

This disease belongs to the category of phobia and has the following symptoms:

  • Feeling irrational fear of being alone at any moment.
  • People with loneliness fear somehow avoid being alone and feel extremely uncomfortable when they can't find a friend.
  • Irrational fear and insecurity are damaging the daily functions of the individual and influence in the social, personal and professional level.
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