Why are these relationships becoming a burden ...?

Why are these relationships becoming a burden ...?

Almost every one of us is dealing with the complaint of "you have changed" every day. And even if we wanted to, we could not justify that these explanations are not accepted and understood.

Not only that, but these explanations are rejected on the pretext of habit and routine, with the result that the distances widen and the gulf widens. And again, this would mean that you have to spend on these processes. And then this delicate string of relationships gets tangled up in a short time, and even if luckily this string is untied and the knots are untied, it still leaves its mark.

Relationships and relationships are as difficult in today's mechanical life as ever. As life goes on these days, cracks in relationships arise from here. Relationships become a burden. Distances begin to increase. Even though the path is one, we do not keep pace. That thought, in fact, often takes the form of suspicion.

The sincerity on both sides remains the same, but with the mistrust that arises along with it, even small resentments are growing in the hearts and then as a result the seed of doubt on the intention begins to grow. 

The haste and joy of telling each other slowly begin to add to the hesitation. The same hesitation that was quickly eradicated and reassured, the same hesitation is returning to the end, burying the inconsistency, excitement, and resilience at every step of the way. ۔

Now the question arises as to when this hesitation arises in relationships. As children get older, they become more receptive to their parents, and siblings begin to feel some distance. Everyday routines and sometimes even personal interests dominate everything. Priorities change. And they all have a direct or indirect effect on relationships.

This process begins when we stop giving "space" to the other and focus all our attention only on ourselves and make the other party's desires, needs, and preferences practically unacceptable.

One of the most common causes of marital discord is the fact that husbands and wives try to assert their rights over each other. Husbands, wives and related things, talk, and even relationships start interfering unnecessarily.

As husbands, wives are not far behind and they make their beautiful but delicate relationship a nuisance by worrying about unnecessarily interfering and keeping an eye on their husbands' routines and affairs. 

As a result, the relationship begins to crumble. The parties first give explanations, then start hiding some issues and when the issues are expediently hidden, it means that the process of an unbalanced relationship has started.

The reality of relationships in life is like a planet moving in orbit. As long as there is a string of breaths in life, these relationships continue to move in their own circles with the center of gravity in this orbit. 

These relationships cannot be changed or taken out of this orbit. If this is done, the whole system is ruined.

This is the system of power and it is impossible to escape from it. So when it comes to living with these relationships, why not nurture these relationships with patience, forgiveness, tolerance, and forbearance in such a way that these relationships make life flowery. Instead, let the relationship be a source of frustration for both parties. 

Loves can be commanded by selflessness and moderation in love. These life relationships are beautiful. But it is the beauty of these relationships that makes them beautiful. It is important to understand and respect each other's likes, dislikes, feelings, and emotions.

"Change" is a beautiful part of the universe, provided it is positive. In today's fast-paced life everything is changing moment by moment. What was before is not now, what is now will not be tomorrow. So it is wise to accept this change in life with an open heart and keep pace with life and relationships.

We've heard from the beginning that relationships should be given time, but in today's fast-changing world, it's just as important to give some space or "space" to those close to you. 

And to distance, yourself from these relationships also means to give yourself time at the same time, otherwise, believe me, it doesn't take long for conversion to turn into emptiness. The stronger these relationships, the more delicate they are. In addition to the lack of attention, these relationships also start to be affected by excessive attention ...!

When we talk about the distance from these relationships, it does not necessarily mean creating distance or detachment in relationships or interpersonal relationships, but giving 'space' means caring for each other. 

Be treated with love and affection. It is important that these relationships be understood and that the parties respond to each other's moods. It is also important to understand that the definition of 'space' is different based on the needs and preferences of each person. Someone is happy with less 'space', someone wants more 'space'.

On some spouses, there is a noticeable difference after this 'space' they meet, they feel better than before, their sadness and despair run away and they are full of vigor. Participate in daily routines. As a result, there is a positive change in marital life.

Husbands and wives spend 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all their lives together. In such a case, if the husband or wife wants to live with them for some time of their own free will, or to spend some time separately with their family members, then it is their right, it is not at all appropriate to make this right their issue. 

In the same way, if the husband likes to spend some time with his friends or family, then the wife should accept all this gladly because the husband has some good time to spend with friends when there is a pleasant change in nature. If so, its effects on marital life are also visible.

According to psychologists, you as a spouse cannot be a complete substitute for the whole world and every relationship for your spouse, nor can you make up for the lack of all relationships, so do full justice to that relationship. 

In this way, by giving all your energy to this relationship in the best way, you can feel better and provide a strong foundation for your relationship. In this way, mental harmony and mutual trust are further enhanced. Love and adoption flourish. Respecting each other's wishes and giving time strengthens these relationships.

Marital psychologists say that if your partner asks you to spend some time with them, it does not mean that they are talking about separation or separation from you. This is the beginning of the end of the relationship, but he wants to get out of this monotony or temporary knee, so help him to do so, not increase the knee that arises within him. According to experts, the distance or time given to each other brings the relationship closer to each other by providing oxygen.

Well-known psychologist and writer John Aiken say: "Husbands and wives need a distance in their relationship so that they do not get bogged down in each other. It is perfectly healthy to spend some time away from each other in your own way. And it brings freshness to their relationship.”

If your spouse wants to be away from you for a while, it doesn't mean a complete distance. This distance can be in certain cases and both can talk about it so that it is clear where this 'space' will be effective.

According to psychologists, this does not mean separation from each other, but in some cases, living according to one's own will and desires, where the other partner's actions do not interfere, and this is a natural and legitimate right. 

There is nothing to worry about. However, the problem arises when this desire is misunderstood and misrepresented because the wrong response plays a key role in this whole matter. A good and positive response strengthens the relationship.

The best thing about this is that the spouses do not allow differences in their basic routines and affairs and stay in touch with each other. Talk and discuss common issues and wait patiently for your partner to return. This is actually a test of mood.

Similarly, if close relatives or friends are not able to give the same amount of time as before due to their routines, then it is necessary to be positive in understanding this and not to forbid living by celebrating and standing up. 

You should try to make the best of it as much as you can, not to start locking it by slowly closing the doors of the heart by complaining. 

Sometimes minor grievances can lead to major resentments. When the person in front of you is unable to understand your point or explanation, stopping may be the best strategy. It is not necessary that all decisions and grievances be made at the same time. Sometimes it becomes necessary for both parties to deviate from this environment or topic for a few hours or a few days.

The process of being given 'space' in these relationships works like oxygen for them, so let your partner and close relationships take the space they want. Help them survive on their own terms. Good relationships and relationships don't happen by accident, but they do require planning, and everyone should have the skills to plan these basic things in their life so that relationships are strong. 

Close relationships need to understand that it is not appropriate to burden one another with one's own experiences and observations. The person in front has the same right to live life according to their own experiences and observations as you have.

Finally, it is important to understand that if you are being given space in respect of your desires, moods, and routine changes, it should not be considered your right, but the effort should be made to ensure that these close relationships The same should be thought of. 

The journey of life becomes very difficult, long, and cumbersome with misunderstandings and malice in mind. Respect each other's thoughts and desires with love, humility, and sincerity, walk as full and cheerfully as you can.

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