Red marks on the skin ...

Red marks on the skin ...

 Red spots on the skin usually appear after the age of fifty, but in some cases even younger people, especially those who work in the sun, get affected. 

These scars usually vary in size and initially appear on the shoulders and back. Later, they spread to the face, hands, and arms.

It should be noted that most of these are found in the places where the sun shines. 

Some people think they have a liver problem and consult a doctor, but when they are tested for a diagnosis, the liver does not suffer from any kind of damage.

If a person is exposed to these rays for a long time for any reason, then melanin gradually accumulates in one place, which later appears in the form of red marks on the skin. 

It should be noted that a specific type of pigment is found in our body, which determines the color of the skin, it is called melanin in medical terms. Lamps or even electric beds made for the same purpose are available, which can cause these marks to appear on the skin.

These red marks are usually not harmful, and the affected person does not need any treatment. Yes, if they change color and shape, the edges of the grains appear, itch or bleed, then contact a dermatologist immediately as these symptoms may also be a sign of skin cancer. 

Protect your skin from the sun from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. to protect against red marks on the skin. Use an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun at work or wear a hat that covers your neck and forehead, or use a large handkerchief. 

Wear full clothing and mix boric powder in water on hands, feet and apply like lotion.

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