How to get rid of dry cough in winter?

How to get rid of dry cough in winter?

 Winter is approaching and people of all ages in every household are suffering from a sore throat, phlegm cough, cold, flu and fever due to dry cough. The most painful complaint in dry season is cough which Everyone wants to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Before treating a dry cough, it is important to know its causes and then treat it. According to experts, dry cough is usually viral, it affects during the change of weather, while other causes include breathing in dry air, cold. And there may be a cold or some kind of allergy such as dust allergy.

Every effort is being made to get rid of sore throats and coughs, including the use of syrups and pills. These medicines help only a few people.

Dry cough is the most painful of the other complaints, resulting in back and rib pain, while headaches due to the severity of the cough are common.

Instead of being bothered by a dry cough this winter, the following simple methods can be used to treat it at home.

Very easy home remedies to treat dry cough

Gargling with lukewarm water mixed with salt is very helpful to control dry cough and sore throat. Disperine can also be mixed in lukewarm water, this process must be repeated three to four times a day.

It is also helpful to take steam with boiling water. Be sure to take steam before going to bed at night.

To get rid of dry cough, use water frequently and as much as possible, keep using lukewarm drinks.

The hot spices in every home kitchen have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that are helpful in sore throats and coughs. These hot spices can be used with tea.

Also, lick four tablespoons of crushed pepper in two spoons of honey 3 times a day, so that honey can soothe sore throats.

Take a cup of grape juice and now drink a teaspoon of honey in it, this is considered to be the most effective treatment for cough.

Soak six to seven kernels of almonds in water overnight, peel them in the morning, grind them with sugar and butter and eat this mixture, this is a tried and tested recipe for dry cough.

Eat a small amount of malthi, it will significantly reduce the cough.

Eating raw guava also gives relief in dry cough. Fry raw guava on the stove and eat it with salt.


Sucking lemons relieves cough very quickly, take a quarter of lemons, sprinkle salt and ground black pepper on it and suck, it will give immediate relief to cough.

One of the most popular and common home remedies for cough relief is to mix one to two spoons of honey in a cup of warm milk and drink warm milk, it will cure dry cough.

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