Exercise, regardless of Age!

Exercise, regardless of age!

 In our country, when a person is over forty years of age, it is strange to think of going to the gym and thinking about exercise.

A study by the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom has shown that even in old age, going to the gym can build muscle. To prove this point, a university team compared men's ability to build muscle. They divided people over the age of 60 into two groups. 

One group consisted of people over the age of 60 who exercised regularly at least twice a week for 20 years, and the other group consisted of people who had no regular exercise routine.

48 hours before the weightlifting training session, participants were given isotope tracer and their muscles were biopsied. When they underwent a biopsy again after weight-bearing exercise, the researchers found that the muscles of the participants in both groups were producing equal amounts of protein after exercise

"Our study clearly shows that it doesn't matter if you haven't been exercising regularly all your life," said Lee Brain, a Ph.D. researcher and head lecturer at the university. When you start exercising, you can benefit from it. ”

"Obviously, a long-term plan for good physical health and exercise is the best approach to whole-body health, but even after 40 or 50 years of life, the start of exercise delays the onset of muscle weakness," he said. Will be, However, physically younger people have more benefits from building muscles than older people, ”he said.

According to Jason Corp, a professional training coach in California, the results of various tests show that the body reacts to physical stress at any age. When exercising, the body adapts to the pressure on the muscles. 

Actin and myosin, two large proteins, reside inside the muscles that are responsible for their contraction. When we exercise, these proteins increase, they grow and strengthen the muscles. 

Exercise stress actually damages the cells or fibers of the muscles, but when the body repairs them, they become larger than before and thus begin to build muscle.

This means that even in Piranha Sali, such muscles can be formed as those of trained athletes of the same age. It also shows that there is no age to get fit, even if you do nothing, just climbing stairs can be beneficial.

"If muscles are challenged, they react, for example, the first time you press a bench, The arms are not fully capable of carrying the extra weight, but they do a little bit. But when you do your second or third set of the same exercise, it becomes a little easier.

That's why anyone can start exercising regularly at any age. We can all benefit from physical activity, but consistency is the most important thing to get into the habit of exercising. 

Once you've become accustomed to incorporating different exercise routines into your daily routine, you can adjust their duration and weight to your liking. That way you can enjoy the workout as well.

A London study has found that people over the age of 50 who exercise moderately two or three times a week refresh their minds and work faster, while also improving their memory. 

39 studies of this research have shown that regular exercise has good effects on the human heart and muscles. As a result of their research, Australian researchers suggest Tai Chi exercises that are not too strenuous and challenging.

A study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that increasing physical activity can protect against many diseases, such as type 2 diabetes. According to Dr. David Reynolds of the Alzheimer's Research Institute in the UK, physical exercise can be a way to improve brain function, but it is also important to eat a balanced diet and avoid smoking.

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