Walking backward improves memory, new research


Walking backward

New research by experts has revealed that reversing steps improves short-term memory. Scientists could not find out the reason for this, but other researchers have linked the discovery to the future. 

University experts have said that if you turn upside down a few meters compared to people who stand or move forward, it improves memory in a very short time. 

For this, the experts conducted an interesting experiment. In the experiment, 114 volunteers were shown a video of a woman's bag being stolen. 

First all the volunteers watched the video and then they were brought to a road. The participants were divided into three groups, one was asked to stand, the others were asked to walk for a while and the third group was turned upside down. 

He was asked to take a step back. Everyone was then given a questionnaire in which 20 questions were asked about the video. Those who practiced reverse walking answered more questions than those who walked and stood. 

In another interesting experiment, participants were seated on a train and placed in such a way that They sat in the direction of the train or in the opposite direction and here too the memory of those who were sitting with their backs to the moving train was found to be better as if they were going in the opposite direction. 

Scientists then took five different memory tests in turn, and found the short-term memory of those who walked backwards better in each of them than the rest. Experts believe that the concept of time and space (time and space) affects our memory by affecting the brain. 

Experts are still unable to determine the cause and are conducting further research, but other experts have welcomed the findings.

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