Playing with dolls awakens empathy in girls

Playing with dolls awakens empathy in girls

Nandan: After a long survey, experts say that playing with dolls awakens empathy and compassion in girls.

The game of dolls and dolls activates the parts of the brain where social behaviors such as empathy and caring for others thrive. 

Although the girls play to their tune, they love the doll, feed it and take care of it and this attitude strengthens its roots.

In this context, it is important to offer dolls to your daughters instead of handing them mobile phones. 

However, the survey was conducted by a company that makes Barbie dolls.

In this regard, 15,000 parents from 22 countries were interviewed and 91% of parents wanted to instill compassion in their children, but only 26% of parents knew that playing with dolls could awaken this passion in girls.

For the first time, the effects of doll play on children have been noted, according to Cardiff University. For a year and a half, Cardiff University Dr. Sarah Gerson and her colleagues scanned the brains of about 33 girls between the ages of 4 and 8.

The research team found that when the girls were playing with the doll alone, a part of the brain remained active for a long time, both during and after that time. 

This area of ​​the brain is called the posterior superior temple silks (PSTS). Emotions such as social information and human empathy are awakened here.

Dr. Sarah says that when we think of other people and remember their kindness, this is the corner of our mind that wakes up. When the doll is in front of the little girls, they adopt it and this passion continues to grow. Playing another game doesn't do that for sure.

"We can say that girls rehearse in a way in the real world where they take care of each other. We have seen the same passion awaken in the girls of six continents, ”said Dr. Sarah.

According to experts, girls also find happiness and joy in playing with dolls.

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