How to get rid of mental weakness?

How to get rid of mental weakness?

There is a saying of a sage that "a healthy body contains a healthy mind."

Medical experts call the brain the driver of the human body because it controls all the functions and actions of the body and all the capabilities of the human body also depend on the functioning of the brain.

Through the muscles and nerves, all the systems of the body perform the functions under the control of the brain. 

A brain is an automatic machine that is as fast as it is used, but sometimes due to some internal or external factors, brain weakness occurs. Seems to happen.

People who work in the brain, those who are involved in teaching, those who live in an environment of advocacy and nervous stress can often experience mental weakness. In addition, the dominance of bargaining increases the dryness in the brain membranes and the cells. 

The weakness of mental capacity begins to occur due to a lack of blood supply. Similarly, people with chronic colds may also experience mental weakness.

According to modern medical research, impaired brain metabolism can affect the functioning of the brain's messenger enzymes, leading to brain weakness. Vitamin B12, zinc, calcium, steel, etc. in the human body. 

Decreased levels of oxygen and folic acid can also lead to human brain weakness.

Similarly, frequent and relentless use of sedatives and drugs can interfere with the regular supply of red blood cells to the cerebral arteries, blood pressure, diabetes, chronic constipation, sudden accidents, trauma, long-term. 

Not being able to get enough sleep, constantly failing in goals, and being surrounded by marital disturbances, constantly and constantly thinking and being surrounded by thoughts have a strong possibility of disturbing the nervous system and causing mental weakness.

Home Remedies for Mental Illness:

If the structure of the walnut kernel is examined, it looks very similar to the human brain. Medical experts say that walnut nut is extremely useful for removing mental weakness. 

Similarly, Vitamin A, E, Zinc, Calcium, Steel, Thaya. Daily intake of essential nutrients like man, oxygen and folic acid, etc. is the best tonic for the brain. Here are some simple home remedies for mental retardation and memory enhancement:

When you are suffering from mental weakness due to constant stress, you should soak a teaspoon of Zarshak Shirin in rose liqueur and drink Zarshk Shirin in the morning.

If you suffer from mental weakness due to lack of vision. If so, mix nutmeg, almond kernels, almond kernel, and Egyptian weed together to make a powder.

As the mental weakness wears off, so does the vision. When the hair on the head starts turning white due to mental weakness, make a mixture of one pound of marmalade herd, 10 grams of black pepper, and 5 grams of cardamom green and eat a spoonful of it regularly. Will stop

Here are some of the best home remedies for common dementia.

Soak 1 gram of Brahmi herb, 7 almonds, 3 black peppers, 1 gram of poppy seeds in water at night, and use it in the morning by adding 10 grams of fresh butter. 

Make 50 grams of almond kernels, 50 grams of kernel kernels, 50 grams of cassava kernels, 50 grams of astokhudus, 10 grams of black pepper, and 100 grams of Egyptian saffron. 

Make a mixture of 100 grams of a roasted gram (peeled), 100 grams of sweet almonds, 200 grams of desi sugar, and 1 pound of desi ghee and eat a big spoon in the morning and drink lukewarm milk. 

The best benefits are to take two pieces of marmalade herd at night and wash it and drink milk at night. Eating 50 grams of milk by mouth is very effective.

Eating carrot halwa, juice, and fresh raw carrots is also useful. Drink cinnamon and ginger coffee or grind cinnamon and mix it with honey and eat half a teaspoon of it at night while sleeping. Using native eggs is also the best food for the brain. 

Drinking milk and raw eggs. It is a wonderful natural way to get rid of mental and physical weakness. It is also best to lick oud and jadwar mixed with honey.

The use of desi ghee is also a source of an increase in mental abilities. 

Massaging the soles of the feet with Rogan Malkangani also gives strength to the brain. Similarly, massaging the feet with the pulp of native pumpkin also gives relief to the brain. 

The use of banana and palm milkshake also gives immense benefits. Soaking a few almond kernels in milk at night and grinding it in the morning also gives the best nutrition. 

Dried fruits, apples, bananas, Regular consumption of mango, date, grape, fish, quail and native chicken relieves mental weakness.

Smelling the scent of musk, amber, sandalwood, rose and saffron also strengthens the brain. Of night

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