Why frozen lemons are good for your health

Why frozen lemons are good for your health

The main secret of frozen lemons is that they can be used in a very simple and delicious way, and the peel is also very good for our health.

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I have often mentioned the surprising benefits of drinking lukewarm water with lemon in the morning. But did you know that frozen lemons also have medicinal properties?  Frozen lemons are a great way to get all the benefits of a healthy lemon.

The main secret of a frozen lemon is that it can be used in a very simple and delicious way, and the peel is also very good for our health. 

Why frozen lemons are good for you

I must first explain why frozen lemons are good. Cancer Many people stuck in a frozen lemon in addition to chemotherapy and used as a 'Supplement'. 

The reason is that lemon's antioxidant properties eliminate malignant cells and protect your natural defenses. As you know, cancer patients undergo intense treatments that seriously attack the immune system.

Frozen lemons can be very useful in these cases, but they are not 100% chemotherapy. As mentioned earlier, frozen lemon can be used as a supplement to prevent cancer and counter the side effects of chemotherapy.

However, the benefits of frozen lemon are not only anti-cancer effects, so why not take a closer look and try it?

1. Natural report of vitamins

Lemon peel contains about 10 times more vitamins than juice! It\\\\\\\'s interesting to note that in fact, more medicinal properties are hidden in the skin, as we usually leave only lemon juice and discard the skin.

Find out what vitamins are in frozen lemon:

  • pectin
  • Vitamin C
  • Flavonoids like tangerine
  • More than 22 ingredients that slow down cellular oxidation
  • 2. Protecting and strengthening the immune system

Frozen lemons fight common ailments like the typical cold, infection, and flu. Many people boil water with a deep brewed lemon peel, but you should be aware that cooking lemons can lose up to 40% of its nutrients. 

On the other hand, freezing lemons retains most of the ingredients, is easy to eat, and tastes good!

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3. Weight loss

As you know, lemon is a good fruit for detoxifying the body, causing bad cholesterol and removing blood fat that is stored as fat in the body. 

Nutritionists recommend adding 75 mg of lemon daily to a healthy diet for weight loss, so why not give it a try?

How to prepare a frozen lemon

Frozen Lemon Grind

The method of preparing a frozen lemon is so simple that it will be difficult to live without it in everyday life. It's simple to make, but it tastes good, and there are many dishes that can be served together. Let out how.

  • Materials
  • 2 Lemons
  • Grater
  • How to make

Put 2 lemons in the freezer for a day.  To make it easier to grind later, you can freeze it by dividing it into two or three slices in advance, but it is better to freeze a whole lemon.

How to eat

Frozen lemon yogurt

As mentioned earlier, it is ideal to consume 75 mg of frozen lemon per day. To eat all of the lemons, you can grind completely frozen lemons and add them to your food while maintaining the natural flavor. Here\\\\\\\'s an example of how you can eat it:

Grind 25 mg of frozen lemon and add it to natural, sugar-free yogurt .

Grind 25 mg of frozen lemon and add it to a lunch salad with spinach, nuts, fresh cheese, a few slices of salmon, and a few cherry tomatoes.

For mid-afternoon, you can grind frozen lemons into fresh drinks such as cold green tea or natural drinks, which are ideal for mid-afternoon.

Frozen lemons go well with any fruit salad. For example, you can grind 25mg of frozen lemon on top of a salad with chopped pineapple, 3 strawberries, half kiwi, and chopped nuts.

Like this, frozen lemons can be used to discard lemon peels. Let's remember that there is no more excuse now: 

In a simple way, the whole family will enjoy 'Steel' health. 

How about putting two lemons in the freezer today?

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