How to avoid the loss of 'Genetically Engineered' Foods?

How to avoid the loss of 'Genetically Engineered' Foods?

No matter how many living things there are, if something extra is added to them, not only their mood but also their habits and moods change. 

For example, if a minor is given hormones, not only will his face show signs of change, but his voice and habits will also change.

Plants are also living things:

The movement of animals (movement of the whole body) is clearly felt in animals, and the movement is felt in plants, such as buds, flowers, plants growing from seeds, etc. 

If used properly for the treatment of animals (plants and herbs), it can be completely cured with very little damage.

In contrast, the use of chemical drugs has the same effect on human health as hormones on a child. 

Some people use different hormones to make the plants grow faster, some people spray differently on the plants with the claim that the insects do not get infected but one thing must come to the mind of the person through which the insects If they run away, it can harm even human beings. 

For example, the chemicals used to repel mosquitoes in a room can make some sensitive people sleepy and lethargic. When this happens, you should smell the scent of sandalwood oil.

Thus, when the chemistry is used to make plants edible quickly, the habits of the plant change from what it used to be to what it used to be. 

For example, the tandoori broth is potent, contains a lot of potassium, but nowadays the use of tandoori raises blood pressure. 

If peaches are examined, it is a combination of the genes of apple and peach in 'Genetic Engineering'. Now the habit of peaches has changed.

Peaches are no longer suitable for diabetics, the volume has definitely increased, the taste has also improved but the efficacy has changed. Bananas are a source of iron but they are sprayed to make them taller and more edible quickly. 

As it gets bigger, even sweeter but sensitive mood makes people breathless and vomits. In fact, their shape now resembles that of bananas, tandoori, and peaches, but new research is needed on their usefulness and flavor.

Just as 'Celery Khorasani' is a seed resembling 'Fenugreek' and 'Celery Desi' is a seed similar to 'Anison' but neither Methi is Celery Khorasani nor Anison is Celery Desi, so the work of these four will be different when needed. 

Their temperament is also different, just like the work of new peaches, new tandoori, or new bananas and not the nutrition that was in the old fruit, vegetable called by this name. 

The analysis shows that the usefulness of the new peach is its ability to break the leaf stones and give energy to the disabled, the new tendons are suitable for clearing the color, the new bananas are helpful in removing the effect of pepper. 

According to genetic engineers, this utility is on their older version, so they are used.

How to avoid the loss of 'Genetically Engineered' Foods?

Some vegetables are different:

Their usefulness has not changed but has become harmful to health, such as Chinese carrots, cabbage, okra, etc. 'Genetically Engineered' vegetables collide with our 'genes', are unsuitable for human temperament due to chemical changes in humans, they are also sprayed with a proboscis, resulting in stomach ulcers, flatulence, heart disease. Panic causes heaviness in the brain. 

Carrots are commonly used to improve eyesight, but Chinese carrots do nothing but color, causing dryness of the brain and lips.

If the sprays on vegetables do not wash off completely before cooking, then during cooking they combine with the spices to form a new reaction, which produces nitrogen chemistry. 

If left untreated, it damages the heart and arteries, often causing convulsions and convulsions.

The reason for this condition is that human beings do not have the enzymes that digest them. 

The gastrointestinal tract changes the condition of the mucous membranes, that is, they react with the components of the mucous membranes (mucus membranes) and change other conditions of the gastrointestinal tract because genes are something that is also found in humans and humans. 

I make proteins. If toxic genes are produced, it affects heredity like smallpox, which is passed on from generation to generation.

So far, blood purifiers are available, but purified hereditary drugs are not available. 

However, digestive herbs have a positive effect on heredity to some extent. Steroids are being used in our diets, especially in fast foods, which is disrupting the growth of children. 

Unknown hair is growing out quickly, girls are particularly affected, apparently. It is not known why puberty occurs early, but the 'steroid' in fast foods is responsible for these symptoms.

How to avoid the loss of 'Genetically Engineered' foods:

1. Exercise four hours after a meal to prevent the immune system from making improper changes in the body.

2. If you see any symptoms, try to correct them instead of forgiving them.

3. Use spices carefully.

4. As far as possible, use home-grown vegetables and fruits at home.


Because it is difficult to plant tea (green tea, black tea, oolong tea) at home, it is advisable to use coffee. Use ginger, mint, garlic, bergamot coffee weekly. These purifiers are blood and digestion.

Ginger is extracted from the ground, it is spicy, if any spray (hormone) is added, it loses its taste.


Leaves are easy to grow at home.


Cooked without cooking and is anti-poison.

Berg neem: 

In the case of hormone spray, the shape of the leaves changes.

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