Different Options for Cough Relief

Different Options for Cough Relief

Coughs can be very annoying and cough remedies are varied and are not always effective, many times you need to treat the cause of the cough in order to get rid of the cough. 

A cough remedy that works can provide relief so you can sleep or makes it possible to go out and enjoy your day without coughing on everyone. Some common causes of coughs include asthma, allergies, postnasal drift, and respiratory disease.

There are many different home remedies that people use to treat their coughs. Many times fresh air can provide relief and taking a walk or going for a short jog and get rid of your cough. 

This ensures that your lungs get plenty of oxygen and is particularly effective if you are coughing because you have a respiratory disease. 

Many times if you are wheezing a lot and coughing then drinking warm water can help.

Some other home remedies for coughing that many people find helpful and effective include drinking ginger tea, sprinkling some apple cider vinegar on your pillow before bed, drinking a mixture of lemon juice, honey, and hot water inhaling the steam from a mixture of hot water and eucalyptus or mint leaves, drinking baked onion juice and drinking herbal tea with cinnamon.

Most times coughs are because of a cold and by treating your cold you can get rid of your cough. 

There are many cough medications that are available that can provide cough relief. Many times this medication will not make your cough go away but it allows you to sleep so your body can fight the cold. 

Sleep is important as it allows your immune system to fight the cold.

There are other coughs such as chronic coughs that are not due to colds. 

A chronic cough is a nay cough that lasts for more than 2 months. 

Coughs can be a psychological issue or they can be caused by gastroesophageal reflux disease, postnasal drip, asthma, infection, or smoking. 

The general active ingredients that tend to be found in over the counter cough medication swill have iodides, dextromethorphan, or guaifenesin. 

There are also medications such as Vicks vapor rub in which you need to inhale the vapors or inhale the steam as this loosens your nasal and throat passages.

Cough lozenges and hard candy can also be sucked on as treatment.

If your cough is due to asthma then usually steroids or bronchodilators are used to decrease inflammation. 

GERD is treated by maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding heartburn triggers, or using medications that decrease stomach acidity. 

If your cough is due to a cold then decongestants and antihistamine are used to stop the sinus issues. 

However, coughing is not a cause of hair loss in women.

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