Can WhatsApp data also be retrieved?

Can WhatsApp data also be retrieved?

Do you know how law enforcement agencies get phone data from criminals? Can WhatsApp data also be retrieved? Amazing information for you to know

New Delhi (Monitoring Desk) How do law enforcement agencies gain access to criminals' mobile phones and can WhatsApp data also be obtained? 

The Times of India has provided some surprising information in this regard. This Indian newspaper has reported about a hardware and software solution used by the Mumbai Police through which the Mumbai Police can extract information from any person's mobile phone. This weapon of Mumbai Police is called 'UFED'.

It is a combined kit that has full access to any phone and extracts the required data. UFED is actually developed by the Israeli company Cellebrite, one of the most famous manufacturers of smartphone investigation tools. 

Cables for all types of smartphones are also provided with this combined kit.

The combined kit inspected by the India Times was accompanied by a surprising 20-year-old Ericsson T20 flip phone cable. 

The newspaper correspondent hacked his phone with this tool and was stunned to see its perform within minutes, all of his phone's data was visible on the combined kit screen. 

No matter if the phones have any lock including fingerprint and face lock, it is not a problem for this combined kit to break it and access the phone.

According to the report, WhatsApp is said to be 'end-to-end encrypted' and almost impossible to access, but this is not the case. 

Recently, Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone's WhatsApp chatting was leaked which revealed that Deepika and many other actresses have been using drugs and Deepika has been getting these drugs through her manager Jia Saha. 

According to India Times, it is not difficult for Mumbai Police to access WhatsApp chatting through a tool made by an Israeli company.

Once the phone is hacked with this tool, a copy of the device is created. It is an exact copy of the original phone but is fully digital, containing data from the first time the phone was first turned on until the last minute, including call logs, text messages, app data, and WhatsApp. Includes app chats and more. 

If you're still thinking about end-to-end encryption, you'll know that WhatsApp stores chatting data in users' phone memory. 

Also, chats are stored in the cloud. So without hacking the WhatsApp application, there is also the phone's memory and WhatsApp data from the day before the cloud to the present, which you may have deleted on your own, but with this tool deleted data is recovered.

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