Herbal Bath best for Bridal

Herbal Bath best for Bridal

There is a need for an herbal bath to a bride, this is a herbal bath which shows the best results in the presence of medicinal herbs. 

For the purpose of such a useful bath take a small thin cloth of cotton, half cup of barley flour, half cup of fresh rose petals, half cup of almond powder, half cup of turmeric, and half tablespoon of sandal powder. 

Take milk in a bowl and add two teaspoons of rose water and two teaspoons of any oil (coconut oil or olive oil).

Put all ingredients except milk on the cotton cloth and tie it in the form of a sack.

Put the sack in the cup of milk for 20 to 30 minutes so that milk must be absorbed well in the ingredients. 

When you go for a bath grab the sack on your body and press it softly so that thick milk must come out of it. 

This will soften and make your skin shine. 

Again dip the sack in the milk and again grab it with your body. 

You can add three to four drops of any fragrance full oil in it just like lavender oil or rose oil. 

If you want your fresh and soft skin back as it was in your childhood then you will have to bland two cucumbers and one tomato in a blender and make a paste of it. 

Herbal Bath best for Bridal

Herbal Bath:

You have to scrub your skin with this paste. When you want to take a shower you can scrub your whole body with it. 

Cucumber tones your skin and helps in repairing your skin cells and tomato will work as bleach and will remove dark complexion of your skin and will give you a fair complexion.

Put half a cup of ginger juice in the water for your bath. Naturally ginger is a medicinal herb that provides the strengths and freshness. 

Its roots provide a calmness to the flow of blood which gives oxygen and strengthens your skin and also gives shine and life to your skin. 

If you take a bath with this water with a cool mind for only twenty minutes your mood will be good and pleasant and it will give you an unbelievable and wonderful feeling to you. 

For the beauty of brides, it shows positive, pleasing, and useful results.

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