Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Healthy Cholesterol Levels

High cholesterol is one of the most dangerous and prevalent problems in the United States today. People who have high cholesterol are at risk of heart disease, strokes, obesity, and numerous other health problems. 

The biggest problem with high cholesterol is that a person can appear to be in relatively good health, but have a growing cholesterol problem that could only be detected by a cholesterol test. 

Detecting high cholesterol means getting tested by your doctor regularly throughout adulthood, and then taking the proper corrective measures if a high cholesterol problem is found.

Healthy dieting is the key to controlling high cholesterol levels. There are many kinds of foods that contribute to elevated cholesterol

Foods high in saturated fats and certain types of oils, especially fast food and processed, packaged foods from the grocery store, are known to be problematic for people with high cholesterol

Fatty pieces of red meat, egg yolks, and other meat products are also known to cause an increase in the body's cholesterol production.

To prevent high cholesterol or reduce cholesterol levels, people should maintain a healthy diet rich with whole-grain products, fresh fruits and vegetables, and low-fat sources of protein such as beans, lean fish, and legumes.

Dieting is the best way to reduce cholesterol back down to healthy levels, as well as to control weight gain, which is a risk factor for developing elevated cholesterol levels. 

Staying on a healthy diet also promotes good overall health, which can help to offset many of the health problems that can stem from having bad cholesterol.

Exercise is also a great practice for people who have high cholesterol levels. 

People who exercise regularly are healthier and often have more ideal weights, which, as stated earlier, can help to stave off the effects of high cholesterol.

Also, people who exercise regularly tend to eat healthier diets, bringing us back to the basic premise that healthy dieting is the key to controlling cholesterol levels.

Medications are available to help people who have high cholesterol levels, but diet and exercise remain the best tools for people who are trying to lower their cholesterol levels. 

Remember to ask your doctor about receiving a cholesterol test so you can get the diagnosis and care you need if you need it.

High cholesterol is a serious health problem that can be managed if detected early enough.

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