Athletes should know this when choosing Health Insurance

Athletes should know this when choosing Health Insurance

Membership in a health insurance company is generally mandatory in Germany. This is what the legislator prescribes. 

But even if you don't have a choice as to whether you want health insurance or not, you still have a large selection of health insurance companies, some of which are very different.

Even as a normal citizen, the choice is often not easy. 

Which special services are required or desired? And how high can the additional contribution be? 

The choice is even more difficult for all those with a particularly high risk of injuries, such as miners, security guards, or athletes.

The latter will be discussed in more detail below.

What should athletes pay attention to?

Since the body is subject to extreme stress in competitive sports and the risk of injury is enormous, choosing the right health insurance company is not something that should be taken lightly.

What subsidies are there from the health insurance company? 

Our fitness classes offered or are there free physical fitness examinations? 

These are the questions an athlete should ask himself.

Sportiness, integrity, and solidarity - that's what matters. 

This is also how Christoph Metzelder - former professional soccer player and brand ambassador for the VIACTIV health insurance company - sees it.

Which health insurance is eligible?

Many health insurance companies offer various services for those who do sports. 

For example HEK Hanseatische Krankenkasse, Barmer GEK, DAK-Gesundheit, and also the already mentioned VIACTIV.

With 70 locations throughout Germany and 780,000 insured persons, the latter is the largest company health insurance fund in North Rhine-Westphalia and the third largest nationwide. 

It offers comprehensive services such as a sports check, various fitness courses including advice and grants for 2 courses a year.

Here everything is checked that is important to be able to do sport successfully and healthily.

These include, for example, an ECG at rest and under stress, a detailed report of illness and findings, anamnesis, and clinical examination. 

After completing the check, the results are discussed in order to draw up an individual training plan.

Depending on the result of the sports check, there are various courses to choose from, which strengthen mobility, strength, endurance, etc. 

Depending on what matters and what goals are to be achieved.

In addition, tips for active relaxation and conscious nutrition are given. If they successfully participate in the fitness courses. 

With regular participation and a healthy lifestyle, there is even the possibility of receiving an additional 100 euros per year. 

Furthermore, the training plans can be easily integrated into everyday life and continued after the course has been completed by working with quality-checked sports studios.

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