Organic Chai Tea Latte


If you are a tea lover and love to sip throughout the day, you have got to try the following organic chat tea latte recipe which is mild in taste:
        -   2 cups water
        -   1 tbsp. Frontier black tie
        -   1/3 cup honey
        -   1 cup soy milk or skimmed milk
        -   1 tbsp. spice mix (cardamom pods, bay leaf, organic cloves, organic cinnamon)
Mix all the ingredients in a saucepan and keep over medium heat. Bring a boil and then reduce the heat.

Simmer the heat and let the mixture boil for 30 minutes. Strain and serve cold or hot.
This chai tea latte is ultimate in taste and is a treat for your taste buds. You can prepare it anytime and can drink any number of time you want. Since there is no sugar or full-fat milk, you get the best from all the organic ingredients that relaxes your body.

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