Obesity Surgery for a Healthy & Happy Lifestyle

Obesity Surgery for a Healthy & Happy Life StyleBeing extremely overweight can lead to a number of critical and life-threatening medical conditions, but with obesity surgeries from a qualified and caring medical professional, there is hope.

Dr. Wade Barker has conducted more than 2,500 successful bariatric obesity surgery procedures.

His experience is not limited to what he does in the operating room, but also includes post-operative counseling of patients in need of the information and motivation to make healthy lifestyle decisions moving forward.

For obesity bariatric surgery can come in many forms. Barker is skilled in five of the most common procedures:

LAP-BAND, REALIZE Band, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, and duodenal switch surgeries. 

Depending on that first consultation with Dr. Barker, one of these paths may be determined for the qualifying patient.
Barker, a board-certified professional with the American Board of Surgery, has specialized in obesity surgeries for most of his career. 

Practicing out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, he is renowned throughout the state of Texas and the country at large for his expertise when it comes to preparing patients for bariatric obesity surgery, 

Performing the operation itself, and helping them adjust to life after surgery by offering his support for healthy lifestyle changes. 

His obesity surgery center locations in Dallas and Southlake admit patients from all over the region, who are tired of losing the fight against obesity. For many of these patients, obesity surgeries are their last hope of shedding the fat and reclaiming their quality of life.
Obesity Surgery for a Healthy & Happy Lifestyle

As individuals struggle with their weight, conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, some forms of cancer, and asthma, can make it very difficult to function. If left unchecked, obesity can even lead to death.

Luckily, Barker and his staff of medical professionals, which include a Registered Nurse, New Patient Consultant,

Gym/Physical Fitness Coordinator, Pre-Determination and Insurance Coordinators, and Nutritionist can help candidates see their dreams through to reality, offering counsel for healthier living and financial guidance for affording the procedures.

At the Barker Bariatric Center, you can regain control of your life, and enjoy the health and wellness you have always dreamed of having.

With a simple phone call, you could be on your way to a full recovery.

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