There are several benefits of meditation, both at the physical as well as mental level. 

Here are some of them:

If you are properly doing meditation every day then you will see the transfiguration in your physical existence. Mediation fills every cell of your body with vitality and energy.

As a result, liveliness, love for life, happiness, enthusiasm, and peace become part of your life. Meditation has several physical benefits. 

It helps lower the blood pressure levels in our body preventing us from several cardiovascular diseases. It helps reduce the stress by reducing the blood lactate levels in our body.

Many stress-related diseases and illnesses can be prevented with regular meditation

These illnesses include insomnia, ulcers, joint pains, and headaches. By increasing the serotonin in our body, meditation also helps in enhancing our mood.

But that is not it; meditation also helps in improving the immune system.
There are several benefits of meditation evident at the mental level. Meditation helps in elevating our mental state and results in more positive and fuller living.

Here are some apparent benefits of meditation at the mental levels. 

Regular meditation helps in reducing anxiety levels. However, it does not work on quick solutions. It helps in eradicating the problem from the root.

With better mind control, we become emotionally more stable with the help of meditation

Better emotional and mental stability has an all-round impact on our existence. 

We become more creative and our happiness level increases.

We start living a more peaceful and calm life. Meditation also helps in building focus and concentration.