Health tips: 3 Ways to deal with Tertiary Neuralgia

Although it is difficult to cope with tertiary neuralgia, some natural treatments can provide satisfactory results.

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Dealing with trigeminal neuralgia can be difficult. Typically, this sensory disorder causes some kind of “electric shock” in the head, face, and neck area, which is a fairly painful disease. Learn how to cope with natural remedies.

Most people with neuralgia are over the age of 50. However, the symptoms are not constant. It is also not easy to diagnose in time because there is a lot of doubt as to which condition is actually neuralgia. As a result, it is difficult to perform appropriate treatment for tertiary neuralgia.

How to deal with tertiary neuralgia
Before I talk about some natural remedies that can help you deal with trigeminal neuralgia, I want to emphasize the importance of consulting with your doctor. Keep in mind that natural therapy alone does not solve the patient's condition, it just helps to feel better with treatment.

Natural therapy is not an alternative to medical treatment at all. This type of disorder also requires specific medications and sometimes surgical treatment.

1. Elder flower:

Elderflower is a popular treatment for overcoming the symptoms of neuralgia. In fact, this flower is widely used in plant therapy because of its anti-inflammatory properties, which are useful in the treatment of neuralgia symptoms.

Here are some notable characteristics of Elderflower.

Emollients: Reduces inflammation when used outdoors.
Anti-spasm: prevents the feel of shock.
Benotonic: Promotes proper blood circulation.
Here, the elder flower is used externally. To do this, add the leaves of elderberry. Then apply pressure and place it in a sore spot on your head, face or neck. You will feel immediate relief.

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2. Vetiver

For the second treatment, vetiver, an ingredient found in essential oils, can be used. Overall, Vetiver's sedative and anti-inflammatory properties excel in pain management in neuralgia.

However, to truly work, you need to put the roots of the plants. Then gently massage the affected area (head, face, neck) and apply it directly.

3. Arnica

Arnica is the third treatment for coping with symptoms of neuralgia. These yellow flowers have many beneficial properties, and they can cure a wide variety of problems.

Arnica, for example, has the following characteristics:
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • painkiller
  • Reduce edema

Overall, one of the best ways to use this remedy is to use it in tincture form. To begin, dilute in water and gently massage and apply to the affected area.

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It is important to remember that these three treatments are great for coping with the symptoms of neuralgia, but they do not cure neuralgia. So, you have to go to the doctor to get proper control and treatment.

Only the treatment prescribed by your doctor should be supplemented, and be sure to ask your doctor if these natural remedies can interfere with medical treatment in any way. The medicine your doctor will prescribe is likely to consist of anticonvulsants and muscle relaxants. Similarly, Botox injections (in very small amounts) may be recommended.

In the most severe cases, surgery may be the best solution. This is a good way to correct the underlying problem and not ruin the good times.

Have you been diagnosed with tertiary neuralgia? Do you know someone who suffers from neuralgia? I hope you will improve your quality of life through the natural treatments introduced today.

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