10 Fitness Tips for Men that are worth knowing...

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The concern to be in good physical shape is found in more and more men, and those concerned not only go to the gym but are also interested in finding out as much information about how the muscles work.

For those men, Men's Health sought the advice of several experts and compiled a list of fitness tips worth knowing.

1. Drink a shake immediately after fitness training

A 12-week study by Danish researchers showed that older men who drank a shake containing 10 grams of protein, 7 grams of carbohydrates, and 3 grams of fat (about as much as a cup of milk) in the first 5 minutes after a weight training they gained more muscle mass compared to men who drank the drink two hours later.

2. Protect your back

When lifting weights above the head it is important to tighten the gluteal muscles. In this way you will force the body to sit in a position that supports and stabilizes the spine, reducing the risk of getting injured in the back.

3. Warm-up your brain too

Preparing the central nervous system for physical activity is as important as warming up the muscles and this is because the brain is the one that controls the muscles to contract.

And a good exercise in this regard is the following: try to do a knee bend standing only on your left foot and touch the floor in front of you with your right hand (then repeat and vice versa - right foot with your left hand). 

Perform two sets of 10-12 repetitions with each leg.

4. Relax your hips

If you can't keep your heels on the floor when you kneel, then your hip flexors are too tense. Try this stretch to relax them: hold your hands on the edges of the dumbbell stand and let yourself sit until your thighs are parallel to the floor. 

Stay like that for 30 seconds, and then return to the starting position. Repeat five times.

5. Work less, but more efficiently

To save time without losing the quality of the exercises, or even increasing it, use the same weight for the entire workout. If you want to increase your strength, lift heavier weights, but faster (not a heavier one, slower).

For example, when lifting weights at the bench, use one that is about 40-60% of what you can lift once and do eight sets of three reps, lifting the weight as fast as you can. Rest for 30 seconds between sets.

6. Relax your legs

If you run often and feel your leg muscles tense in the morning, too stretched, try to sleep on your stomach, with your legs out of bed. Gravity will work on them during the night, easily relaxing these muscles.

Also, try to run at a higher speed, over shorter distances, than at a slower pace, but over longer distances. You will get better results and you will be less exposed to injuries.

7. Do a minimum of exercise weekly

If you are not used to exercising at all, try to train your body at least 20 minutes a week, twice, in an aerobics or weight lifting program.

A group of researchers at the University of Oklahoma found that those who made the least effort had fewer days to get sick than those who did not exercise at all.

8. Breathe properly

As already written, many people do not breathe properly, especially enlarging only the rib cage, which makes the lungs to be used superficially, and the amount of oxygen sent to the cells is smaller.

Therefore, especially when you run, be careful to practice abdominal breathing (to enlarge the abdomen more when you inhale, not the rib cage), in order to provide more oxygen to the body and to resist exertion for a longer period.

9. Improve your ability to jump

The following fitness exercise helps you to have better results in high jumps: sit on the edge of a step that is about 20 centimeters high; jump back with both feet, and after the tips of your feet have touched the ground jump back on the step (focus more on "pushing" the ground as fast as you can, speed being very important). 

Perform 3-5 sets of 10-12 repetitions twice a week.

10. Don't forget to replace your training shoes

In order to avoid injuries in the knee area, it is important, among the fins, to remember to change sports shoes after about 800 kilometers run with them. 

(If you know how much you run per week, you can easily do the math.)

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